Thursday, December 29, 2016


I just realized that I missed yesterday. Dang it. So close to 100% this year. Oh well. It was a fairly productive/fun day, so I am willing to forgive myself.

I spent a majority of the day going hanging things up on my walls since I've lived in the same place for over two years now and I still had a pile of posters and assorted memorabilia waiting to be displayed. Also got all of my souvenir shot glasses displayed, and at least one corner of my room slightly controlled. Only three left to go.

My goal is to get the whole room worked through, because theoretically I am going to be spending much time here working on school stuff throughout the semester. I am not a HUGE stickler on work environment, but it definitely bugs me to glance around while I'm trying to focus and see multiple things on my to-do list not getting done.

I think my favorite accomplishment of the day - besides having stuff to look at on my walls besides my pretty green paint - is that I finally cleared out the trash can that had been used for storing a number of papers for the last 3 years, and can now be restored to its intended purpose: a trash can for my room. This wildly outpaces the snack-food bags I was using as temporary replacements in both capacity and utility. It seems like a small thing. But I very much appreciate having a receptacle for trash items larger than a used tissue.

This may seem like a fairly odd thing to be super happy about. A trash can is not usually that worthy of note. Yet, I am often fighting against a family tendency to avoid trash cans if at all possible, so having one that is big enough to handle the stuff I would otherwise find excuses to keep is somewhat helpful to me.

I realize that there are still many things that I hold onto irrationally; my bookshelves attest to this, being both used to both hold books and display various keepsakes and collections. But inasmuch as I can, I try and go through stuff every couple of years to ascertain if it is indeed worth saving. Particularly in my current situation, where space is precious, and any extra boxes often end up in the middle of my floor with no place to go. It's much easier to throw/give something away if you haven't seen it in four years and not missed it one time.

It's a slow process, but I am getting there.

In the meantime, pictures of what I did manage to find space for in my life:

Until tomorrow.

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