Saturday, December 24, 2016


Food is my favorite. I mean, food is a necessary piece of life. But also, food is amazing. Especially when it's food that is free (because I am a student, and free is my favorite also). My uncle's way of showing love is taking people out to dinner, and I have to say, after this meal, I feel loved:

Yes, that is a yam that is battered and deep fried. Whoever created this is my hero. Also, the steak was exquisite. I cannot come up with the right adjectives to describe the steak. Definitely best meal of the year.

There's something about good food. It really is like love. So often I just survive, try to eat reasonably, and cheaply at the same time. I am not the best at cooking, so... it's often quick and simple and not really spectacular. So when I get a chance to really enjoy food, I take it. And then I let it sustain me for months at a time.

I am obviously overtaken with this food (seriously, still full 4 hours later). I really cannot think about anything to write about other than how juicy that steak was... so...

Until tomorrow.

P.S. Merry Christmas Eve/Happy first day of Hanukkah!

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