Monday, December 19, 2016


That's what I spent a good portion of my moment doing so far. Holding, on the phone, while talking to various people about all those little bits of life that I kinda sorta forgot about taking care of while I was in school. Or my favorite, the places that were only ever open while I was in school and/or at my various after-school activities. Or the ones that I forgot to call in my margins of time between stuff...

Anyways, so far today I have paid bills, canceled various things, and scheduled appointments for myself and my car to make sure it's not going to fall apart on me anytime soon (something it threatens to do every few months or so). So far, it actually feels restful, which seems odd to me. Doing all these errands are usually the straw that breaks my proverbial camel's back, as it struggles through school commitments. Maybe because I actually have a morning to dedicate to it, with a side of catching up on other computer stuff.

Or maybe it's because I feel like I put a lot of things on hold, even things like physical health which probably shouldn't have been on that list, reasonably. Who needs to go to the doctor when they're under constant stress, don't have time or energy to eat as healthy as I could, and have a history of mental health struggles? NOT ME! (Oh wait, yeah, me. Totally me.) I mean, I went to the chiropractor, and I used essential oils. But like, medical doctors are sometimes good too. Just in case.

Meanwhile, I'm starting to think my plans to wait to go for my walk until it is slightly warmer than "oh God why" outside are in vain, because the high is only 50 today (if you live somewhere else, don't judge. I am a Californian Cold Wimp 100%. There is a reason I don't live anywhere else). So I'll probably just have to layer up and get over it. Walking makes you warmer, right? That's a thing?

I am probably just rambling at this point because my plans to get sleep were slightly upended by my kitten. This morning, he was desperate to make sure I was alive, which manifested itself in a half an hour of meowing, scratching, and occasionally flinging himself into my closed door (which I keep closed to minimize Nighttime Cat Disturbances, HA). Normally, I would be touched by his concern, but he is used to me getting up at 5 am, so his panic happened from about 6:30-7 am until I realized he was determined and begrudgingly opened the door to let him ensure that I was alive to feed him later. Plus side, I had three blankets on my bed (see above, Cold Wimp), so when I tried to go back to sleep and he decided to attack my feet, he couldn't actually do any damage.

Also in kitten adventures, while I was on the phone making appointments, he decided to try a new thing and jump on my shoulders, which didn't work like he had planned and resulted in him sliding in between me and the chair back until he got wedged there. It also resulted in me exclaiming and having to apologize to the guy on the phone. Good times.

But he is REALLY cute
Now it's off to the next order of adult business, finding a way to make money between now and when I start getting paid for subbing next semester. It's always fun trying to find income stop-gaps, when you can't really commit to anything long term. Hopefully something will work out. We'll see.

Until tomorrow.

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