Friday, December 23, 2016


I did nothing of lasting importance today, and it was great. I didn't even open the internet browser on my computer until I realized I should probably write this blog post. Not that I fully disconnected, because I still have my phone. I interacted with the world. I just also interacted with this video game called Stardew Valley.

Seriously, this game is quickly becoming my favorite. It's a farming simulator meets an adventure RPG, with some suspense and mystery tossed in. It also looks super cool, like a smoother retro 8-Bit DOS game. Very simple, but with a lot of different options for gameplay. Very fun.

Anyways, aside from tending my digital farm, I also hung out with my family some. You know, because human contact is sometimes a helpful thing. I'm in Reno, and my uncle is a member of a casino, so I got to play some slots for free and get $5 out of it (the only way I gamble because otherwise, I don't have the money to burn). Then he also had a gift card for their regular kid-like arcade, which I used to much better effect. I think it's safe to say that there is a part of me that is still 10 years old and loves getting tickets and then buying candy with those tickets (which I will probably share, unlike when I was 10, lol).

This whole week, I was getting things done. Taking care of the life stuff that fell to the wayside during the semester/year. Today I declared vacation from everything. I will do more tomorrow probably. And Christmas Day will be more family coming in for festivities, which will take me away. Monday is back home and back to life. So I figured today was the best candidate for a true off-day. Brain turned off, talking only when necessary, and playing a lot of games more than even reading because it takes less mental effort.

I don't think I realized how tired my brain really was until this week. Now that I have had today, I think I'm finally reaching the point where I can come back. Start caring about things outside of myself again. Start planning for the months ahead more in-depth. Start working ahead on my thesis and figuring out what a studying schedule reasonably looks like.

It will be fun. But for now, I'm going back to my digital farm in Stardew Valley (seriously, one of the best cheap Humble Bundle finds ever).

Until tomorrow.

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