Monday, December 26, 2016


I am home. Not unpacked yet. But home. I am so looking forward to my own bed tonight. Their beds were comfortable, but I am picky. I like my bed.

Beds aside, I am so thankful for the mental vacation, and for the time to catch up on what people have been doing over the last year. Lord knows I wasn't super tuned into what was going on with much of the world. I mean, unless it was on Facebook or something related to soccer.

I don't think I really grasped how totally done I was until I finally let myself just take a few days off of stressing about stuff. Like, I knew in some sense, but I was just holding it off with a stick that was slowly getting shorter. Now I know because I collapsed pretty hard energy-wise.

It made me feel better eventually. I am more ready now to take on the next week, and then the next year. It'll be a long one. Hopefully, I'll squeeze in some more weekends like this to just fully rest. I did not get that so much this last year.

And tomorrow I swear I will try to write about something deeper. It will be a nice introduction back into deep thought.

Until tomorrow.

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