Saturday, November 29, 2014

The Beginning

Hello everyone! I'm here to introduce my new blog, just in time for the Holidailies season! Why a new blog, you ask? Why not just stick with the one I already had? Well, I thought about it, but I had a couple of reasons for it. My old blog, Yet Another Spot of Randomness was great when I started it. It was a way to test the waters, see if I liked this blogging thing. But let's face it, just the name alone is not the best. And after a few years of posting on and off, I realized that the name made it hard for me to take it seriously because I always wanted to make up for the fact that it seemed so casual and unfocused. Plus, I have grown up a lot since I started posting there, and so has what I write about. So I figured I would start a new blog, which is where you are. And what did I name it? Well, Ned the Duck of course!

So after all that about how I was growing up and wanted a blog to reflect that, why would I name a blog Ned the Duck? A very good question! The story goes like this: Those who have known me for awhile know that one of my dreams is to own a house with a backyard and a pond so that I can have a pet duck. Furthermore, I want to name it Ned. This all started when I volunteered at the County Fair for the benefit of my brother's Boy Scout troop and got assigned to work in the small animals area, where I caught ducklings and chicks for two weeks and proceeded to fall in love with them. The ducklings in particular. Since I was supposed to be selling them and answering questions on care, I ended up doing a good bit of research into duck care and was told how good of a pet they were, even if you just had a small backyard and a kiddie pool. At the time, I was hoping to move up to the Rocklin area and we were thinking about renting a house, so it almost happened to coincide with me getting a duck! Alas, plans changed and I ended up in a wonderful apartment that I loved, but with no room for said duck. So it became a dream that I hold onto, until such a time as my permanent living situation allows for a duck.

What does that have to do with a blog? Well, it's about my vision for this blog. There are a lot of things that I dream of doing, and one of them is writing about life in the most honest way that I can. Whether it be books or shows that I enjoy greatly, events and life changes that I'm experiencing, or just thoughts that knock around my head until I feel the need to tell others about them. Which is, of course the best way to spread my opinion! At any rate, it's a way and I like it.

Starting on Monday the 1st, I will be posting here every day, about whatever strikes my fancy. I have a couple of topics stored up from the year that I never got around to on the other blog, so I'll probably pull those out. And I'm starting a new job on Monday, working with kids. That will hopefully be the source of many an idea. So until then, have a good rest of your weekend everyone!