Thursday, July 23, 2015

Be Love

This article is the basis for this post:
(Disclaimer: Soapbox moment ahead)
I was raised a Christian, with parents who would consistently rail against the inhumanity of abortion. How it hurt the woman, and was murder, and all that jazz. Believe me when I say that most of the people in my old community would 100% support Hobby Lobby in their fight against having to supply contraceptives. Because REASONS. 
Of all the beliefs I’ve reconsidered over my journey of moving away and getting healed from a lot of the crap, one has stayed pretty well seated. I don’t support abortion. The thing that has changed is that I now understand it. I have close personal friends who have gotten them, and I know them, and I know their story, and I understand what led them to that choice. 
Which is where this article comes in. Because if the unborn children are the truly voiceless, than the mothers of those children are the one who are nearly voiceless. Even if they wanted to tell their stories, many are afraid to. And rightly so. The amount of vitriol and shame that is heaped upon them FROM THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH is absolutely despicable. From the self-same people who fought to prevent these women from having access to safe medical care, or affordable contraceptives. Who are now shaming and refusing to help, because they didn’t choose the right path.
Excuse me, but last time I checked Jesus was the only one who got to decide who chose the right path or not. And He was pretty clear about what the right path was. Love God. Love others as much as you love yourself. Shame is not love. Shame should NEVER be part of the equation.
So here are a few questions to be considered:
1. Where has our culture failed to educate women, and empower them enough to prevent this choice from happening? For the record, I’m not talking about Abstinence Only, because it is dumb, and not actually educational. I know this from experience. (So I guess that’s one answer to my first question) What are ways we could improve it?
2. What can be done on the other side? If women have their babies, and have no money, what help can be provided outside of what the government offers? If they don’t have their babies, what help can be given to them in terms of appropriate health care and emotional support?
3. What can YOU do to help? If you’re a Christian or not. There are thousands of women each day faced with this choice that permanently affects their lives, whatever they choose. It doesn’t have to be huge. Find someone you know. Offer to be a support system for them. Love them even on their bad days. 
That’s what it all comes down to really. Love. Love doesn’t remember wrongs. I think a lot of people forget that. 
And for the love of God, if you are a Christian who is pro-life, put your walk where your talk is. Educate yourself, and be a light. Be love.
/soapbox moment