Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I swear, someday I'll have time to write a blog post about something other than what is happening in the moment. I miss my days of long, well thought out, in-depth posts on the deep topics. But seeing as my fingers are still kinda tingly while they're warming up from being cold, it seems like that's not going to happen tonight.

See, I left the house pretty early this morning, per the usual, and my brain got about to 5 o'clock in the afternoon when it came to planning ahead. I dressed for or brought clothes to satisfy all situations until then. I just kinda forgot to plan for it being frigid at soccer practice at 6:30 (despite it being just as cold yesterday at the game, at an earlier time), and on top of it all, didn't even have all the clothes that I thought I did. The jeans that were "in my bag" did not exist. So I ended up out there with just leggings and workout shorts layered on top of each other, no hat, and no gloves, though I did at least have a sweatshirt and a jacket.

I need to just start packing a bag to keep in my car at all times with a different type of soccer gear: gloves, scarf, hat, extra socks, a long sleeve undershirt, hand warmers... this all seems very practical. At least tomorrow is an away game, which is a bit sad in terms of travel time eating up my grading time. It does have one good point: extra time in a well-heated car to thaw out a little bit, because I definitely was not fully thawed when I got home tonight after a 10 minute drive.

Second thing to do is make a hot water bottle or some sort of travel thermos with just water, honey, and some lemon to make myself a nice throat saving concoction. This is necessary because 7 hours of gigs last weekend + cold + teaching + having to have normal conversations + reflexively singing along to the radio even when my throat hurts = Croaky voice.

I'm going to climb under my covers now and pray that warmth comes soon to save my poor tingly fingers.

Until tomorrow.

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