Friday, December 9, 2016

Rest (Sorta)

I finished grading papers at about 10:30 am this morning. After staying up until well after 11, getting just over 5 hours of sleep, and starting my day with the third of the energy drink that I didn't consume last night (opened after I realized that the only way I was going to make any progress was with some significant caffeine). I also then got a wonderfully large cup of strong tea on my way to school, that got me through the last 8 or so papers that I didn't manage to force myself through.

If it helps my sanity at all, my master teacher was definitely impressed that I managed to get through the whole stack in the two days like I promised. I don't know how much that actually helps my sanity, maybe it just helps my pride. My sanity is still being debated.

The upshot of finishing all the papers was that I got to come home and do nothing. I watched two episodes of This Is Us, played some games on my computer, drank some rum since I didn't have anything pressing to focus on. It was a beautiful, quiet evening.

One thing I've learned from this whole year of school-related madness is that you have to take these evenings when you get them. Refuse to touch anything school related. Let your brain wander for a bit. Zone out. Relax. Otherwise, you get something that looks strikingly similar to me that last couple of weeks: Whenever anyone asked how I was doing, I just stared at them blankly with a small, desperate chuckle. Two weekends in a row with minimal rest took their toll on me during the week.

So this weekend, I'm going to try and do better. I mean, I still have to do things. I still have to be at a game tomorrow for soccer, but that hardly counts as work. But I get to sleep in. I get to do some things at my own pace. I get to sleep in my bed every night (HALLELUJAH! I love my parents, but I hate their couch). My list of school things to do is finally - FINALLY - getting slightly smaller, and that light is getting brighter.

The more rest I get, the brighter it glows.

And on that note, my bed is screaming my name. Ima go answer it.

Until tomorrow.

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