Saturday, December 17, 2016


I feel a little better today. Sleep, good advice from people who have walked this road ahead of me, and fun, non-school-like things to do today all help.

I went to Rocklin High School's Winter Concert, which reminded me how much I miss singing in my day to day life (especially since they did multiple pieces I've sung before). Next, I'm off to the annual half-reunion/half-Christmas party for a group of college friends whom I love dearly. Always a good time.

I have very little else to say today, so I will leave you with a line that I came up with in the car on the way back from the concert. I have no idea what inspired it, or where I will use it in the future, but I love it. It will certainly make it into a novel some day.

"You are gas station sustenance. You're cheap, I'll probably die from eating you, but you taste so good in the moment."

Until tomorrow.

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