Sunday, December 18, 2016


Despite the mental attitude of being DONE with student teaching, I have not really been able to rest yet, aside from sleeping in yesterday and watching Netflix for a few hours before starting my day. Today is also no good for that, on account of it being my last day of going down to the Bay to sing (LAST LONG DRIVING DAY!)

But my brain still thinks it is done. It is ready to be done. It is tired. The struggle to resist turning on a video game and tuning out of life is real. At least not yet. I think I'm due for at least, like, one tune out day this week.

This next week will also be me trying to block out what the new normal looks like, schedule-wise. What does it look like when my day isn't dictated by both when I'm in school, and when I should be doing something school related? Well, it will still be dictated by when I should be working on my thesis. So I guess not that much will change. Still, that's also a rhythm that I have to establish in my day, so that when I jump in to the semester, the rhythm will already be there, to fall into.

My initial thought in that rhythm is to kill a lot of trees at first. I noticed that when I read all these long, dry articles on my computer (like I did for the thesis prep class last year), I am much more prone to distractions because there are a bevvy of activities available that are MUCH MORE FUN. My idea is to print out a bunch of articles, using that printing balance I have so much of at school, and then make sure that my phone is across the room playing music and I am sitting with just paper and a notebook and pen. This is just an idea. I haven't studied like this since high school, so it will be something of an experiment. If all distractions are tossed aside, or systematically erased, can Alanna focus on dry research articles for longer than three minutes at a time: A study

So, at least one day of my week of rest is probably going to be spent at the library prepping for that. It'll be fun, or something.

But first, off to the singing of the songs, and the driving of the miles to and from.

Until tomorrow.

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