Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holidailies Day 8: The Wall

I'm feeling very lacking in creativity and inspiration tonight. The obvious answer to this conundrum when I have a blog post to write is to talk about how I don't know what to write. And why that has happened.

I have been hit with the wonderful combination of all the things to do and none of the energy to do them. At one time in my life, this was not an unusual thing to happen, so I was pretty used to dealing with it. Upon starting the Masters program, I was determined to keep up and not let myself fall prey to all my old traps and it worked... until now. Or rather, about two weeks ago. I have been slogging through the last projects dutifully, with varying degrees of motivation depending on the day.

I am actually pretty proud of myself. Considering my own mental track record, the fact that I stayed focused and on top of things for as long as I did this semester is a minor miracle. Of course, now I need to get back to that until like, Sunday. I just need to be done and then I can rest and work on getting myself into the headspace needed to start next semester in a good place.

First though, I have to get over the severe case of the "I don' wanna's" that I have developed this week. It's like every time that I start working on my homework, my brain automatically goes to everything that I could be doing instead. Mostly phone games and Netflix, let's be real. It's terrible. I've been failing my adult rolls all week. Eventually, it has to stop, and I will have to get on this paper. Right now though, I'm facing the wall.

I hate the wall.

Alas, now I must go and try to scale it once more.

Until tomorrow.

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