Monday, December 14, 2015

Holidailies Day 14: What Is Life?

The title would seem to demand a deep sort of post. Existential musings, and all... yeah, no. It's mostly just the question I've been asking myself all day as I try to remember what it feels like to have a to-do list that doesn't include homework.

I was actually doing really well over the spring and the summer keeping up with life. This was largely due to the wonderful discovery of a place called Habitica, once known as HabitRPG. It is basically a productivity app for those people who value collecting prizes and EXP and vanquishing nasty beasts. So basically, gamers. Making it perfect for me, because for the first time I was motivated. I had a party, and we were fighting a boss, and I couldn't let them down. It was great.

School kinda threw a wrench into that. I mean, I knew it would. I subsisted on getting at least half of the stuff done, used it to keep track of my homework (big Gold Mines, those 5 part assignments...), but it wasn't quite the same. It was me surviving, not thriving as I once had. And I mean, I get it. I chose that. School is always going to be the priority. Also, I need to do things other than school, work, and chores, to keep myself sane.

But me being me, I'm already strategizing ways to make it more workable for the next major push, which more or lasts from the start of the spring semester in January until the end of the Fall semester next December (yay summer classes!). What things do I need to make sure actually happen? What makes my life categorically better when I do it daily, and way worse when I don't. I also need to be better about scheduling myself some school free days, where I do other productive things for half the day and then chill for the rest of it. That will help.

Until the start of next semester though, I'm playing catch up. Which means I'll be vanquishing a lot of beasts, starting with the paperwork I got to do today (watching Doctor Who though, which I couldn't swing while homeworking, so that was a plus), and continuing with cleaning my room which somehow reverted into a storage space over the last three months. I blame that on our HOA deciding I had to move all the furniture so an electrician could replace stuff the week after school started. At which point. I was living alone, because my aunt was out of town. That was a fun week.

Now my decision to play soccer with the kids today is starting to catch up to me. It's funny how legs forget what they're used for when you sit for a two days straight. Time to sleep and let them recover what strength is left to them.

Until tomorrow.

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  1. "An unexamined life is not worth living" I read somewhere. Ergo, yours is.