Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holidailies Day 27: Vacation's End

After another, even more uneventful drive over the pass, I am back. Sitting at home, in my room, contemplating all of the stuff that I left on my bed. I never actually learn that leaving a pile of junk on the bad in the packing process is a bad idea. I always do it, and I always wildly regret doing it when I get home and I'm tired and I just want to go to bed, but oh wait I dumped a bunch of clothes on the bed. I have no other place for clothes in my room, obviously. Except for, you know, a closet and a dresser. *glares at bed*

At least I'm only half off of vacation. I go back to work tomorrow, which is good because money. I sign up to work mornings every time we have full-day programming, because I'm a fan of torturing myself. At least, that's what it feels like. Logically, I realize that I am in fact training to be a teacher and a feature of that job is getting up early in the morning. This means at some point I should train myself to be at least functional in the morning. This is currently my best way of doing so.

I survived the summer working mornings, 8 weeks worth of it. Though, just one week, or a one-day stint is more difficult. You don't get your body into that rhythm as well, or by the time you get it there you're back to normal. For this week, I stocked up on caffeine, more for the afternoons after I get off and still have things to do. 

My goal for this week is to not turn Sims on, because I rediscovered the amount of time it sucks, which is rather unfortunate for goals that include productivity. My other goals are all about productivity, which is to say, cleaning and calling important people like mechanics, doctors, and dentists (oh my!). Make sure all parts of me and my car are in fairly good working order before jumping back into the next, longer stint of school. Also, putting some serious thought into better ways to cope with overwhelming amounts of school, because I feel like my systems of doing so broke down around week 10 of 16. So we're going for longer amounts of relative functionality this time. We'll see how that works. 

Now it is time to reclaim my bed, and - as one of the kids at work always says before his fellow club members arrive - prepare for chaos by sleeping.

Until tomorrow.

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