Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holidailies Day 22: Rest and Recovery

I've discovered that recovering from the stress of school is a process of not expecting too much of myself at any one time. This is difficult, because I want to use this time that I have off so effectively and efficiently that I feel like every moment should be accounted for. Which sounds great, but then I remember that I am still recovering, and that means rest should account for some of the times.

I learned this lesson the hard way after planning things back to back to back two days in a row. Yesterday was partially planned for me with work stuff - albeit fun work stuff - and then I complicated things slightly by running off to see Star Wars, even though I'd already bought tickets for today. I don't regret it, at all, because free tickets to see a great movie is not something you regret. But it did mean that I got home later than planned last night (as evidenced by my blog post) and so I started off today not at 100%. It makes sense that I petered out partway, it was just sad because I actually did want to do all of the things I had planned for today.

But that's one thing I have learned about myself, I hope. That when I'm feeling a certain way, it's better for me to be in a quiet place where I can do something relatively solitary. If I make myself keep going, I'm not really present at whatever activity I go to, even if it's fun and worthwhile. I would be grumpy and frustrated, and just generally moody and I don't like inflicting that on others.

So here's to a day of cleaning and relative solitude tomorrow. The cleaning I'm not looking forward to so much, though it needs to be done because I have put it off entirely too long. At least I can Netflix, or pop on Pandora, or some other way of keeping my spirits up in the face of grime and grease.

Until tomorrow.


  1. Introverts are us?

    1. I always forget how much of an introvert I am until party season.