Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holidailies Day 23: Christmas Eve Eve

Usually on this blog I try to be pretty introspective. Post about issues that I've thought a lot about, crafted a strong opinion on in one way or another. I noticed that those topics seem to be thin on the ground this year, or at least thing month. I feel like there should be something deeper to talk about than how overwhelmed I was with school, how I'm now trying to simultaneously catch up on life and also rest some. Usually on alternating days. Neither of those models seem super conducive to writing long, well thought-out blog posts apparently.

I'm trying to figure out where this is. I mean, I know myself. Opinions that I've thought about and feel strongly about are not usually an area I struggle in. It's often the opposite. I can't decide if my brain is just still tired and I can't nail any of them down, or if it's just that I've already talked about them all. That is the struggle with doing this challenge multiple years in a row. Even if I'm just blogging for one month, that's a lot of days available to grind my main axes. It's hard to find something that I haven't talked about yet.

At the same time, I haven't been as connected to the outside world, which is also where I find things to talk about. I've been either hiding in my cave with games and Netflix (my Sims family is doing great, thanks for asking) or outside aggressively trying to spend time with everyone that I feel like I ignored when I was in school. Not a whole lot of random internet browsing, looking for things that catch my eye and my heart.

So here we are, on the 23rd, and I've been here every day, sometimes just barely, but I feel like I haven't talked about anything real. Maybe one or two little things. But nothing big. And it bugs me, but I don't have an answer. Or at least nothing big to talk about, other than family travel drama, which is a little too close right now to objectify.

Here's hoping the last week of December brings some bits of inspiration to go along with the rain and cold and drama.

Until tomorrow.

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