Sunday, December 20, 2015

Holidailies Day 20: Weekend of Netflix!

I love Netflix. I mean, I realize I'm not the only one. But how else could I facilitate the epic marathon that kept me so enthralled yesterday that I forgot to write things? Jessica Jones, Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother, and Friends, all in one place. It's brilliant. Today is Doctor Who while working day, which is nice.

Really, I just needed a chill day yesterday. After a long semester, and a long week to follow the end of the semester, a day at home with absolutely no requirements on me to do anything was perfect. I was running on empty. My initial plan (hope, dream?) was to have finished my paper on the Friday before it was due, affording me a weekend to recover before having to go to work. It would have been a great idea if that had actually worked out. It didn't. I ended up with an afternoon of recovery, which was mostly just enough to get me to "wha?" and not that much farther.

So yesterday I watched Netflix for most of the day. And then went out and actually talked with people and had a life briefly. That was also very nice.

Today I actually made it to church for the first time all month, because Sunday due dates became a thing towards the end of the semester. Definitely not my favorite thing, to be sure. I would just like to say, my church is the best. Like, God is the best of the best, and my church does such a great job of stewarding His power. I can't even describe it. It was so refreshing to be there again, and that was exactly what I needed after all. Refreshment. A breath of fresh air. Rest. The air's a bit chilly right now, but it's definitely fresh.

The refreshment is the thing though, because then I had energy to do all the other things. If I had tried yesterday, it would have all gone to crap. I would have been terribly unmotivated, nothing would have turned out right, and I would have ended up more frustrated than I started. I needed a hard reset. Introvert day at it's finest.

But Netflix is also useful for providing the motivation to do things, when I actually do have the energy. For instance, popping on Doctor Who while baking and - if I can keep it up - doing dishes. I always forget how much I love this show until I re-watch some of the episodes and then I remember. It's partially because of David Tennant's hair (and Matt Smith's after him, hair game STRONG guys). But mostly it's because it's the perfect blend of exciting, smart, and funny, and well written characters that bring you to tears even if they're only there for the one episode. That's the thing. Even the characters I don't like that much, I like them. They're good, strong, occasionally really freaky, but always brilliant.

Any rate, I should probably do dishes, if I can manage to keep up this nice refreshment energy. I will also probably watch more Doctor Who, although I'm on the 2009 specials and OH MY GOSH THE FEELS. "The End of Time" is simultaneously the best and the absolute worst, and four knocks, and Wilf and I just can't. I will be sitting over the sink crying over it, I guarantee it. It is the performance that sealed David Tennant into the history books as a legendary Doctor, and I love it.

Very well then. Allons-y!

(Until tomorrow.)

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