Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Holidailies Day 30: Alarm Clocks

The title is such, because I did this stupid thing last night. I forgot that my alarm clock is relentless, and as I am working morning shifts this week, would inevitably go off way earlier than I am ever okay with. Then I stayed up until midnight, which my poor sleep deprived brain is regretting now.

Actually, it's been regretting it all day. I was lying on the couch watching a really great soccer match (2011 Women's World Cup Quarterfinal between Brazil and the US, featuring the worst reffing in a World Cup match EVER, Hope Solo being a ninja anyways, and Abby Wambach saving our collective sanity in injury time of extra time), and I was almost falling asleep until I sat up. When I'm falling asleep watching soccer, I really need to take that as a sign to not do stupid things again.

So my big post that I've been ruminating on and half-composing in my head shall have to wait for tomorrow. It shall be an appropriate send-off for Holidailies, as this crazy month comes to a close. And I will have gotten more sleep, and thus it shall be composed with more quality, and there will be much rejoicing (at least in my head).

Until tomorrow.

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  1. What is alarming is the staying up too late habit. Did I not pass on the early morning attitude? Sorry I tried.