Monday, December 7, 2015

Holidailies Day 7: Melody

A cool song popped up on my iPod on the way home from work. It's been one of my favorites, because it more or less describes my life.

I've talked on here before about how much I love music. It's pretty much always been my favorite thing. Hearing this song again tonight was like that whole thing was put into words. So since it's been a long day, and I certainly need some good tunes, that is what the rest of this post will contain. Good stuff that has popped into my head and kept me company recently.

First, some Christmas stuff, becuase, you know, 'Tis The Season and everything. This has got to be one of my most favorite arrangements of Deck the Halls, and may possibly be the only Christmas song that I don't eventually get tired of. Useful, because I spent half my life performing it every Christmas.

Also, Pentatonix has put out quality music since they've been a group, which I feel is somewhat obvious. However, their Christmas game has been strong ever since they were featured on the Sing-Off Christmas compilation. It continued to be this year, with their bomb arrangement of Joy to the World.

And just because it is one of the most hauntingly beautiful pieces they've EVER done, here's another dose of Pentatonix Christmas. These acoustics... just... ugh. So great.

Sliding away from Christmas now, Steffany Frizzell-Gretzinger put out this wondrous album last year called The Undoing. If you ever need some comforting peaceful Jesus-happiness, look it up. However, the most impactful song on there is the shortest. Called "I Spoke Up." It's like she's writing my life story.

Next up is the beautiful ginger boy, Ed Sheeran. For all his charms - and they are many - as a pop artist, the quality of his voice shines through when he sings folk tunes. Example A: The Parting Glass.

Example B: Wayfaring Stranger (he can harmonize with himself, guys).

Does folk count as throwback enough? Does it count if it's modern folk covers? Just in case, I need some throwback on here, which is why Superchic[k] is going to make an appearance. "Hero" is one of those songs that defined my life, and significantly influenced how I approach the world. I am having my choir at work sing this song, because the message is everything we try to teach them in song form. It's brilliant.

And last but certainly not least, JJ Heller. To talk about JJ Heller would almost be a blog post in and of itself. She's been one of my favorites since her days singing at Koinonia Koffehouse in San Jose (which means nothing to most people), which coincided with my days of hanging out there with my dad when he worked the sound booth (which was nearly every week). Most of the time I was hanging out in the back room playing around with my friends and making sure the little kids didn't get hurt. But occasionally I would hear an artist, and she caught my ear. 12-13 years later, still one of my favorites. Her newest album, "Sound of a Living Heart" and the accompanying title track only solidified my love for her even more.

There it is. My latest music post. Probably not my last. These are just some of my heart-songs from this last couple of months.

Until tomorrow!


  1. Wow - that Silent Night gave me chills. Thanks for that!

  2. Love Pentatonix.
    Enjoyed hearing some stuff that was new to me. Melody is my earworm for the day; thank you.
    HATE the blogspot comment system.

  3. Sounds like you've made a montage of you life. It's a beautiful one. Sniff, sniff.