Monday, December 21, 2020

Holidailies Day 21: Survey 2.0

I am again tired and totally out of ideas for things to write. So we get another survey, though for kicks and giggles this is one that I filled out in 2009 on Facebook so I'm going to be putting my new answers in like, bold text or something like that. We'll see.

A - Available: yes (No, very married.)

A - Age: 19 (31)

A - Annoyance: people who dislike others immediately without even getting to know them (Currently, people who seem to want to torpedo other people's lives for fun, like the government and selfish-ass anti-maskers/anti-vaxxers.)

B - Bestest Friend[s]: Jenn, Robyn, Megan, Rissa, Becca, and Tavis (Chris, Kimmy, Chava, Amanda)

B - Birthday: June 18th, 1989 (This has not changed)

C - Crush: Long story (I am now married, but how can you not have a crush on Antoni from Queer Eye, I ask you? He is too adorable for words. Chris agrees with me, so you know.)

C - Car: '91 Toyota Corolla that has seen better days, but still moves (2001 Subaru Legacy that has about 50 lives and still runs fine despite the haunted electrical system, and a 2004 Toyota Matrix that drives better than it looks...)

C - Candy: Reeses. (Reese's are the greatest good. Second up, sour gummy worms.)

D - Day or night: Night. Day tends to come too early. (I fully agree with this still)

D - Dream Car: MUSTANG!!!! (I really want a newer Subaru that I don't have to fix every 6-9 months or so, because Subaru's are just... amazing cars)

E- Easiest person to talk to?: Any of the aforementioned friends (Chris, which is helpful to our marriage.)

E- Eggs: none at all please (I have made my peace with scrambled eggs provided they have much cheese on them. Preferably also ham.)

F - Favorite Month: June (It's hard to top the birthday month, tbh)

F - Favorite color(s): Purple, Green, Blue and Brown. (I would stick to Green and Purple these days)

F - Favorite Memory: First time I held my nephews (& Getting married)

G - Gummy Bears or Worms: Worms. Preferably sour (I said sour gummy worms above, yes? Yes.)

G - Giver or taker: Depends. I try to be a giver, but I don't always succeed (I still lean towards giver because I am very bad at graciously accepting things.)

H - Hair Color: Normally Brown, currently Red (Brown, with more gray in it after a couple of years of teaching full-time)

H - Height: 5' 1/2" (As far as I'm aware, I haven't grown or shrunk at all.)

H - Happy: right now, pretty. (Mostly? It's been a very long year and I'm having trouble feeling anything outside of exhausted)

I - Ice Cream: Cherry Garcia or Cookie Dough (Actually, I have moved away from Cookie Dough, but I do love Extreme Moose Tracks and anything that involves cherry.)

I - Instrument: Voice and piano (a little) (Less piano, still voice sorta, mostly ukulele these days)

J - Jewelry: Cross necklace, wristband (if that counts), and currently penguin earrings (Celtic trinity necklace, tungsten wedding ring, a pewter Claddagh ring with a green plastic "gem," silver Celtic knot ring). 

J - Job: Not currently. (Independent tutor and teacher, working on picking up some substitute gigs too.)

J - Jail: never, and don't plan to go (Have never even been to one, I don't think)

K - Kids: eventually. Preferably husband first. (Well, spouse, but yes. Eventually. When we have enough money to pay for our own lives AND someone else's.)

K - Kickboxing or Karate: Neither? (Neither, but I would love to learn kickboxing.)

K - Kindergarten: was at home, just like every other grade (Is a very cute age group to work with?)

L - Longest Car Ride: 2 1/2 week road trip (In one day? 17 hours. Overall, I think 2.5 weeks is still the record for a road trip.)

M - Milk Flavor: Chocolate (also, does Irish Cream creamer count?)

M - Most missed person: Jenn and Robyn!!! (Currently? Kimmy cause pandemics are The Worst)

M - Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 and all 3 Lord of the Rings (Yeah, still pretty much. Maybe also Monty Python and the Holy Grail.)

N - Number of Siblings: 4 (3 living, now)

N - Number of Tattoos: 0 (but I wish I had one) (2, one on my right ankle and one on the inside of my right arm)

N - Name: Alanna Kathryn Fairbairn (this also has not changed, since Chris took my last name)

O - ONE WiSH: Things to be less complicated (Lack of debt and/or functional health insurance)

O - One Phobia: Dark and stage fright (Still very much not a fan of the dark)

O - One regret: A great deal of what happened a year ago (Not following up when the resources person at my college asked if I'd ever been tested for ADHD in 2010)

P- Pet Peeves: People who are ignorant and choose to remain so (People who believe "freedom" gives you the right to be an asshole without repercussions.)

P- Part of your appearance you like best?: Hair (I enjoy my eyes and my smile)

P- Part of your personality?: Absolutely bloody insane. :D (Creativity)

Q- Quote: "Don't tell the elf." "Not a word" ("In the beginning, the universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move." - Douglas Adams)

Q- Quick or Slow: Quick, when it comes to computers (Most of the time I enjoy that my brain moves quickly, but sometimes I wish it would slow down so I could catch up)

R - Reason to smile: Seeing school people again (The year is almost over?)

R - Reality TV Show: American Idol!!!!!!!!!!! (JANUARY 13!!!!) (Great British Bake Off. So good. So pure.)

R - Reason to cry: Life (My bank account)

S - Song Last Heard: Um... something on the radio (Currently listening to a song called "The Dye Sky" by JolÄ— on a Spotify playlist)

S - Season: Summer, def (Spring, as it tends to be less skin-melting than summers where I live now.)

S - Shoe: sneakers (Salomons or Sanuks)

T - Time you woke up: Sometime around 8:30. About the earliest I've woken up all break (Sometime before 10 but after 8ish? I don't know. My phone was plugged in on the other side of the room and I kept trying to go back to sleep.)

T - Time Now: 7:17 pm (10:36 PM)

T - Time for bed: sometime before midnight, cause I have stuff to do tomorrow (Um, as soon as I finish this because it's been a long day and I have had to people a lot.)

U - U love someone: Yes, many someones. As friends. (I definitely love Chris. And also many friends.)

U - Unpredictable?: I can be. Other people most certainly are (Ha. Hahaha. Hahahahaha. Yeah. Pretty much.)

U - Underwear: is generally a good thing. No matter what some girls think (Oof, some internalized misogyny Past Me? I would only wear boxers from TomboyX if I had the money to fully replace my current stash.)

V - Vegetable you hate: Cauliflower... yeck (I still agree with Cauliflower)

V - Vacation spot: That I've been to? Disneyland. That I want to go to? The British Isles (Anywhere that has beaches, tbh)

W- Worst Habits: I mess with my nails, picking, biting etc. (I just read this and was like, *cough*ADHDsymptoms*cough* but anyways... currently, anything that involves making impulse purchases.)

W- Where are you going to travel next?: School. But past that I dunno. (Travel? That's still a thing? I honestly have no idea.)

W- Weather right now: freezing, especially since my father left the door open when he went out to the car to get stuff (Cold, and was kinda foggy, but not as bad as it was in the Valley)

X - X-Rays: when I hurt my foot... that was FUN! (And at the dentist and chiropractor now)

Y - Year you were born: 1989 (This also is a fixed data point)

Y - Year it is now: 2009 (2020)

Why is there no Z? Zebras! Zoos! Tigers! Something like that... 

Until tomorrow,


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