Friday, December 18, 2020

Holidailies Day 18: I Swear, This Stuff Multiplies

... Is what I've been saying every time I go to the Davis house and there's still SOMEHOW STILL STUFF THAT WON'T FIT IN THE CARS!

Like. I could have sworn we would get it all moved Wednesday. Nope. Then Chris was there yesterday to paint and took a full car-load up. So theoretically there was about another load left there for me to pick up today. One trip and one and a half cars loaded (Aunt Cindy got back into town and drove her car, which has minimal cargo space but took a bunch of light, little stuff) and there was still big stuff that wouldn't fit in my Subaru. At this point, I'm realizing it might have been cheaper to rent a truck for a day and just do a couple of loads worth to get everything, but you know, hindsight and all. 

Anyways, tomorrow will *hopefully* be the last of it, but I have to get up early to do it because the owner is coming to make sure we actually got everything out at like, 11, and I have a student to teach at 12. And I have to make (hopefully only one) dump run and then load up the last of the big stuff. That's the plan. 

Note to self, next time, don't move when you can't borrow a truck from people for longer than a couple of days, because my Subaru has a ton of cargo space for a car, but still can only take so much.

Until tomorrow,


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