Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Holidailies Day 15: Muscles

 I have them, it turns out. They were a little bit taken aback by being pressed into service after a fairly sedentary pandemic to date. I have been properly hungry multiple times over the last few days, like the hunger of one who has actually worked hard and whose muscles need some proteins and electrolytes to survive. It's a weird feeling after months of just being like, "oh, it's been [some amount of time] since I ate, I should probably like, do that or something."

Another thing about muscles is that they tend to yell a lot after the first days of using them, and even more so when you use them consistently. Which is to say that my leg muscles especially are doing the thing where every time I sit for longer than like, 5 minutes, getting up is no small task because of the soreness. 

The other benefit of hitting my steps goal consistently for the first time in months is that I can sleep relatively well, even though I'm currently not sleeping on my preferred bed. The problem is waking up, and mustering up enough energy to process any information at a speed other people deem reasonable. This is proving difficult, and means that keeping my executive functions, well... functioning, is a monumental task because holy crap it takes a lot of mental energy to process multiple tasks all in a row. 

The other good news is hopefully after tomorrow we will be done. I will be taking care of the backyard, we only have one more room and a couple of closets to finish clearing out (we ran out of car space despite having two cars with good capacity), and then we just have to Clean Everything. That's all. Though, at least it's not nearly as much of Carrying All The Things which has been what most of the last 5 days have been. 

Until tomorrow,


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