Monday, December 14, 2020

Holidailies Day 14: The Moving Saga Continues

Well, we are sort of closer to getting stuff fully out of the place we are *technically* supposed to be out of by tomorrow and getting it cleaned. Thank God the owners told us that the new tenant isn't going to start moving stuff in until next week, so it gave us a bit of leeway. But tomorrow will be the last big push because after that both Chris and I have work things that will interrupt the days and reduce our amount of time to work on it.

In reality, we probably have about 7/8s of the stuff out. The stuff that's left is a lot of stuff that falls into the trash category and stuff that just hasn't been sorted enough to say "this is definitely going to this location." We did get most of our pantry food moved and put away tonight, plus I unpacked ONE WHOLE SUITCASE of clothes. Considering that almost all of my other possessions are scattered around in various bags, suitcases, boxes, and locations, having just a few things fully put away feels like a very big win. I will take whatever I can get at this point.

We did go a little bit slower overall today. It ended up being more of a recovery day, where we got some more things sorted and did important things like return our internet router to the Xfinity store so we don't keep getting charged for it. We got another load of stuff up to the house we're storing extra stuff in and organized some of the boxes in their final resting place and took another load of stuff up to the place we're actually living. The hope is that tomorrow will be almost all the stuff that's going to storage, and we've almost got all the stuff we're taking with us (except for fridge and freezer stuff because we have not had an opportunity to deal with it). 

Meanwhile, I'm staying in the house we're storing things in because the cats are here but my aunt is not, and we're trying to minimize their trauma after being bounced between houses twice this year (once from February-mid March, and then from mid-April until now). Lorelai just yells at both me and Chris every time we come in and move stuff around, just making her unhappiness well known. Izzy has so far hidden anytime anyone except me is here, even Chris, cause, you know, every time Chris has been here we're moving stuff and generally being loud. 

Chris is staying in our new home so they can organize some of their stuff and leave more room for me to maneuver my stuff around when I get up there. Eventually, at the end of the week, I will get to spend a long weekend up at the new place and hopefully fully unpack because that will make me feel much better about life, overall. But part of the reason we're getting (blessedly) free storage at my aunt's is that I am cat sitting whenever she needs it, so I will be splitting time between houses and staying in my old room in my old bed, which makes me really glad that we didn't give away the first real adult mattress I ever purchased because now I have a really nice mattress I know I like in both places. 

Anyways, it's late, and I have other writing things to do still, plus Duolingo will yell at me if I put it off much longer. Plus this is a bit rambly. But hey, at least I had the brain power to be rambly. The last couple of days I couldn't even muster up that much.

Until tomorrow,


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