Friday, December 11, 2020

Holidailies Day 11: Prompted

Welcome to Holidailies Day 11, the day in which I am so strapped for ideas that I decide to answer a writing prompt that I gave one of my tutoring students today!

List 10 places in the world that you would most like to visit, 10 places you’ve been, and 10 places you would never want to go.

10 Places I Would Most Like To Visit:

  1. Scotland. Just. All of Scotland. A whisky distillery tour perhaps?
  2. Stonehenge.
  3. Washington D.C. when there isn't a pandemic on and a madman in the White House.
  4. Germany, specifically the area where Chris grew up so I can see all the places they tell me stories about.
  5. Cyrpus, for the same reasons (and because visiting Chris's family would be fun)
  6. Florence, Italy. I've been to Rome and Venice, but we didn't have time to stop in Florence on that trip. 
  7. New Zealand (cause... Hobbiton, and also a really cool history)
  8. Dublin, Ireland.
  9. This is *technically* multiple places, but an American Ballpark Trip, going to games at all the MLB parks.
  10. The Philipines, to visit the family we still have there.
10 Places I've Been:
  1. Rome and Venice, Italy
  2. Ancient Ephesus and Izmir, Turkey
  3. Athens, Greece
  4. Dubrovnik, Croatia (all of these four on the same trip, mind)
  5. Many of the roadside attractions along Route 66
  6. NYC, specifically Manhatten.
  7. Yosemite, CA
  8. Carlsbad Caverns, NM
  9. San Francisco, CA (many times)
  10. Twain Harte, CA (also many, many times)
10 Places I Would Never Want to Go:
  1. To any desert in the world for longer than a week, lest I shrivel from the lack of water for my soul.
  2. To Trump Tower (again, I was there once when I was NYC, in like... 2003).
  3. Golfing. Because why.
  4. To Chavez Latrine... I mean, Ravine, when the Giants aren't playing there (if I could skip it on the ballpark tour, I would, but I'm too much of a completionist)
  5. Anywhere that I would be expected to skydive or bungee jump.
  6. A mythical hellish world where country music plays 24/7
  7. Same as above but substitute the same 25 pop Christmas songs that play every year, on a loop.
  8. A nightclub (dark and hard to see, people all up in my personal space, music so loud I can't hear myself think... *shudder*).
  9. An NFL football game.
  10. Backwards. 
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  1. I love Florence! When I was in grad school, our choir went to Italy for 10 days or so, and Florence was kind of "home base" for us, so it has a special place in my heart. I also love Perugia, an Umbrian hill town with a couple universities. My best friend lived there for almost 10 years and I visited several times.