Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Day 24: Moving - Two Months Later

It's Christmas Eve! And I'm back home, hanging out in my room, with my happy green walls and red door which are appropriate for any hobbit hole and especially appropriate this time of year. Also, new blinds, courtesy of my father and brother who were able to install them before we left for Reno! I love the fact that I don't have to hear the un-muffled sound of traffic, or see the massive amounts of light pollution outside my window every night now! Also, I don't have to hide in the closet to change! I've dreamed of this day...

With that done, I've come to realize that half of my room is still covered in boxes, I still have a few things that are hanging out in the garage that was my storage while I was in the half-a-room living situation, and my room is entirely undecorated. Other than the things that came with my bookshelves (I like stickers, what can I say?). So I'm thinking since I probably won't have work until a week from Friday, I can knock some of this stuff out and enter the new year with a room that is actually put together. What a concept. 

Part of the issue was that when I went to unpack my books, I discovered that the bookshelves I had weren't quite enough. Thankfully, Aunt Cindy had quite a few in storage, and I commandeered it for my use, which means that I can indeed have to the wall of books that I've always dreamed of. My next step after that is figuring out where to put a dresser system (crates from Wal-Mart, maybe buying a few more to stack more effectively). Then organizing my desk drawers so that I can have the space that my office supplies are currently taking up. And also finding a chunk of my office supplies that have gone AWOL. I didn't realize it until I went to do Christmas cards and looked for my nice markers to make them prettier and couldn't find them. 

It's crazy how much still has to be done, two months after we moved in here. Granted, I've been distracted and/or unmotivated for a good amount of time. But even if I had worked on it consistently, there were still some things that couldn't have gotten taken care of right away. We had to get my brothers up here at various times to help move things, there were a lot of things that needed two people to accomplish and I was here alone for most of November. There are still some things, like how do I store plastic bins that are apparently just a little too big to slide under the bed easily? I'm considering just raising the bed a little bit, now that I don't have the box spring that made my bed tall enough that I had to jump up just to get in it. How do I do that then? All the questions.

Oh yeah, and then there's the other bookshelf... Heh. I may be a little addicted. This one at least goes up on my desk and also has the most useful power strip ever to add to it's value. Whoever came up with that idea get's the genius award, for sure. 

At any rate, my goal for this next week or so (after all the Christmas madness dies down) is to have the other half of my room back, freed from all the boxes and random piles of stuff. Organization is key. Also key, my large collection of music on iTunes to help keep me from going absolutely insane. Wish me luck!

P.S. Update RE: buying new jeans after eating at buffet: BAD IDEA. Grabbed my size and was dismayed to see that nothing fit... bought them anyway, on the theory that I could return them at my home store, pulled them on this morning, PERFECT! Which saves me a trip. Very glad about that.

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