Monday, December 22, 2014

Day 22: Reflections on Christmas

I'm being good and getting this post done before going to dinner and shopping and stuff. We're in Reno at my uncle's house, so we're going to the Buffet to End All Buffets, as I call it. Also known as the buffet at the Atlantis, which is so expansive that I didn't even get to all the sections of it (just sampling food, mind you) before filling up entirely last year. It's good quality food too. It's amazing. So much excitement is mine right now.

And then... I'm going shopping for jeans for Christmas. Hmmm. Good thing I know my sizes for the particular store, because sizing denim after a buffet is probably a bad idea. But it will be nice to have more than one pair of pants to wear, particularly since working with kids isn't exactly the best way to make jeans last.

This Christmas has been pretty chill. Other than the two-party weekends, the rest of the season has not been nearly as crazy or stressful as previous years. I'm a fan of the more relaxed approach to the Holiday season. It's so much nicer. I don't feel like I'm so tired by Christmas that I can't actually enjoy Christmas.

I go back and forth between being really into Christmas. I have moments, I guess. Flashes of "yeah, this is great!" I like decorating the tree. I love Christmas trees in general, especially the real ones because you can't beat that smell. One year, I actually had a friend give me an air freshener for my car that smelled like a Christmas tree because I couldn't have a real on that year. It was the best. Except for a real tree. I currently have cuttings sitting on my desk at home that I break whenever I need a whiff. It's great.

Besides the tree thing though. I have mixed feelings about the music. I love the food part. I've never really been into Christmas movies. Most movies, if they're good enough for me to watch it during Christmas, I will watch it the rest of the year anyways. Same with music.

Without my nephews around a lot of the other stuff just isn't as fun. Kids add a level of excitement to anything, but especially holidays. Last year, we at least had my cousins kids around, which was nice. Nice to see my cousins too, which doesn't happen a lot. This year it's entirely too adult, as much as I love the rest of my family.

I'm not entirely sure where I was going with this, if I was going anywhere. I just was reflecting, after recovering from all the craziness yesterday. As with most reflections though, I catch myself just stating things without really having a cohesive picture for them.

Oh well. I'll try to do better next year.

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