Friday, December 12, 2014

Day 12: Blah

This is both a topic-less day, and a "explain why" sort of day. For one thing, I am very decidedly not getting sick. At least, that's my stance. My chest is in rebellion of that stance, and decided that waking/keeping me up a few times last night was a great plan. I was not a fan. It was looking grim, until I remembered the wondrous existence of Ricola in my drawers that I can actually get to now that I have a real room. That was basically my favorite discovery ever, as it afforded me an extra hour and a half of sleep this morning.

Other than sucking down Airborne (also a true gift of God) and sleeping a lot, in my quest to be not sick, it's been a chill week. The massive Stormageddon (Dark Lord of All) that the news outlets were promising took a pass over most of the Sacramento area, so we got wet but not ravaged. I'm hearing news that the Bay Area and now SoCal did not get so lucky. But on the working with kids side, it's very helpful because it means there's a distinct chance that we won't have to keep the kids inside today. Which would make it just yesterday, and there weren't even that many there, due to the widespread freak-out, courtesy of the news outlets. So that's nice.

And then that's mostly it. I had the weekend of all weekends, so between that and being energy drained due to Not Getting Sick, I was not very inclined to do much this week. Hopefully I'll be able to scrape together some energy to get some stuff done tomorrow, but it's equally likely that I will just want to sleep. We shall see.

Have a good start of your weekend!

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