Sunday, December 14, 2014

Day 14: Music Of My Heart

So today was supposed to be busy because I was going to go to a caroling party with a music geeky friend and meet his other music geeky friends. Sadly, I couldn't make it because still slightly sick and cough-y and also tired. So instead, we ran a few errands, I got a haircut and new work shoes (Hallelujah, thank you JESUS!), and then I came home to rest and ended up in the YouTube vortex.

This actually ended up being a good thing, because it assuaged my yearning for music geekiness in a slightly less participatory way. You know, one that allowed me to keep breathing normally because I didn't have to sing along to enjoy it's music geeky qualities. So I decided that, instead of writing long and verbose prose about why I love this music (and music in general), I would just make a compilation of all the songs I've come across in recent days that have knocked me flat on my butt with awesome. You know, the ones that I run out of adjectives for, after I use "spectacular," "brilliant," and "phenomenal," too often.

First off, a mix tape of Peter Hollens. Mostly because Peter Hollens. But also because he chooses really good artists to collaborate with the effect is near to perfection.

Dat Bass Tho.

Pure vocals are pure.

This is just fun.

This is just sweet. Also, his son has his eyes.

I've mentioned that I love this song? He does a great version too.

Okay, so that's Peter Hollens. I only went on a little bit of a kick today... Next up is this group, Home Free. They won The Sing-Off after Pentatonix, and while I haven't been as quick to adopt because I'm not usually a country fan (and by that I mean, I hate the twang. Hate it will all my being), I have come across a number of their songs, particularly their Christmas ones, and been suitably impressed.

A little too much twang for me at first, but the end totally makes up for it. 

Just a solid arrangement.

This one is just ridiculous. Ridiculously hilarious, that is. I cannot express how funny I find it.

Again, a little too much twang, but definitely a good arrangement of a good song.

So there's that. And of course, my post about happy music would not be complete if I didn't post any Pentatonix, with all that they've done to blow my mind. Only one video, even though there are more off their Christmas album. Suffice to say you should just buy it and be glad. But this live recording shows off their vocal chops so well. I love it.

 I still get chills.

That gives you an idea of what I love about music, I think. Basically, people with amazing voices doing amazing things with those voices. I tend towards the vocal, but I also love instrumental stuff. I just geek out over it less because I've always been a vocalist, so with those performances I know exactly what work goes into it. Less so with instruments.

What are some of your favorite songs and artists? I'm always open to suggestions. Let me know!

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