Sunday, December 21, 2014

Day 21: I'm a Party Animal?

Today was another two party weekend. I love people. I really do. And I like getting to see people who I rarely see. Like last night. I got to see a bunch of college friends, some who I see every week, and some who I see every few months and some who I haven't seen in like, 3 years. It was great. But then I was super tired after, so I was about done with party-ing... except not.

See, there's this annual party at my uncle's house in Reno, and it's something we usually try to make it to. This year it was smaller, because they just moved. Which was nice, because it wasn't then an Introvert's Worst Nightmare. Hundreds of unfamiliar people who leave very few empty, quiet spaces to chill out and get a hold on my thoughts. This was slightly more low-key, and even then I was a little bit not up for it. Something about the party season. I apparently have a one party limit. At least this year.

Which is a long explanation for why I don't have a really great post today. I still have to unload my luggage and bedding, and set everything up. Then collapse. That's a very important part of the day.

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